Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Saturday afternoon we headed out to a Yankees spring training game which just so happened to be my very first baseball game! How exciting!

My mommy & daddy weren't sure how I'd do since I had to miss my nap & it appeared that I might be coming down with a cold.

But I was an absolute champ & had a really great time! It was much more enjoyable after about a half hour when the sun moved behind us & stopped glaring in my eyes.

Most of the game I sat on Mommy or Daddy's lap, but I also took a stroll with Daddy & explored the park. Toward the later part of the game I moved to the ground where I could push my cars around & spread out.

And then I started getting really sleepy! Hey, remember, I missed my nap!

Laying on a concrete floor isn't exactly the cleanliest, most comfortable thing in the world but desperate times call for desperate measures! And Mommy was nice enough to let me lay my head on her tank top.

For not even being two & a half, I was very well behaved & all the elderly people around us commented on this at the end of the game! Unfortunately my cold is now full-blown so I'll be staying home from school tomorrow because of a fever. Hopefully I feel better very soon!

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