Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday Play Date

I had a fabulous Sunday spending time with my Auntie Kelly, Uncle Matt, Auntie Lo Lo, Uncle Josh & most importantly, my girl friend, Leah. We had a blast trying out all my new Christmas presents from my ball pit to my truck.

Making "ba-boo-ba-boo-ba-boo" noises with our hands over our mouths was a hoot!

Oh no! I've fawl-len & I can't get up!

My Grandma got me this awesome truck! Riding in the back is such fun!

Here, Leah, you MUST try my favorite crackers. Allow me to feed you!

Bath time with my gal was such a treat!

Leah, I'm just going to go ahead & brush your hair with my toothbrush. That cool?

1 comment:

Kelly said...

great pictures! Leah had a great time, too. It was so nice seeing all of you, Leah loves her new outfit and can't wait to wear her cool, new shoes.