Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fun Night!

Tonight I was in wonderful spirits and so happy to be home with my mom & dad! Daddy dressed me in my Bears gear for day care today in anticipation of the game Sunday night. Go Bears!

This week at day care they started fazing me into the big kid room; no more infant room for this big boy! Well, actually, it might take some time for a spot to open, so I may stay with those lame infants for a bit longer. Oh well, guess I'll just have to teach them a thing or two or ten.

Had a ball rolling around the floor tonight! I kept trying to do this strange trick I picked up where I go from my stomach to my side to my back. Problem is, I kept knocking my head on the tile floor as I went from my side to my back and to my parents bewilderment, I kept at it! They eventually moved me to the carpet to protect my huge noggin!

I got my first 1st birthday card! Thanks cousin Eddie!


As you'll see below, I was starting to get worn out from all the fun, so I began to fuss as I was walking with my dad! But, it was a great Friday night!

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