Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm running in the rain, just running in the rain!

Yesterday Mom decided that we should get out for some fresh air and exercise. The sky above us looked decent but the surrounding area was very dark & gloomy. Dad tried to talk Mom into turning around, but she can be a bit stubborn sometimes, so we continued on. As we were about a mile from our house, we realized that the storm was coming quickly & we really needed to hurry back if we had a chance of beating it.

Well, this is where things got interesting.. Mommy was pushing my stroller with Stella in the basket on the bottom & Daddy was walking with Dempsey. Mom suggested that we run so Dad scooped Dempsey up & we all began running down the street; I can only imagine how crazy we must have looked to passerby's! I suppose running with a 20 pound Pug must be difficult since Daddy told Mom to run ahead with me as the rain started pelting down. I had a blast as I lounged back, staying dry under the stroller's umbrella as my mom huffed & puffed behind me. By the time we reached the garage, you would have thought there was a monsoon out there, so we knew Dad & Demps would be drenched when they got back.

Thanks to my mom & her hair-brained ideas, we got some exercise along with a lot of unexpected laughs!

Uh, oh! Still about a 1/2 mile from home!

Well, me & Mom made it back!

And here come Demps & Dad!


aunt lauren said...

Oh no! haha

Melanie said...

Ooopps! You never know if or when it will rain in Florida!