Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We celebrated my third birthday on Friday!!

Since we went to Disney in October & we're going to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, we decided to have a low key get together with family on Sunday. 

There's was a lot of love in the air!  Mommy & Daddy can hardly believe how big we're getting.

Speaking of getting big, Mommy took me to the doctor for my 3 year well visit on Monday.

My three year stats:

Height: 37" (50%)
Weight: 35# (86%)

I grew 3" & gained 4# since my second birthday.  Based on my current height & my height at my 2nd year visit, the doctor is convinced I'll be at least 5'8" when I'm an adult.  That just blows Mommy's mind since she's barely 5'3"!

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