Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer randoms

Well, it's officially summer & we've been having a fun time in the Florida heat.  Well, I guess we avoid the Florida heat at all costs, so we've just been having fun in general.

Here's a picture of me on Father's Day weekend

Reese loved Mumford & Sons & crawled over to watch the TV while they were on!
Swimming has been my thing lately & I'm a little fish!  I still can't swim on my own, but I do great with the help of a little inner tube.  Reese has swam twice this summer (her first times) & she loves it too!

We've spent lots of fun time with our family too!

Pretty soon Reese will be meeting her Auntie Erika for the first time when she & Grammy come for a visit!  We cannot wait!

I'm very good friends with Stella these days.  That's if I don't bother her during a nap because when I do, she just about bites my head off.  She loves to lick me & Reese & now I'm big enough for her to curl up on my lap.

So that's what's going on around these parts!  Hope you're having a great summer so far too!

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