Friday, December 2, 2011

2 Week Doctor's Appointment

Yesterday Mommy & Grandma took me to the pediatrician for my 2 week well baby visit. The appointment was basically just a weight/length check & I'm doing great!

Stats so far:

Birth: 7#, 1oz
Weight at 3 days old (11/17/11): 6#, 9oz
Weight at 2 weeks (12/1/11): 7#, 9oz (23rd percentile)

Length at birth: 19.5"
Length at 3 days: 19.75"
Length at 2 weeks: 21"(72%)

Head circumference at 2 weeks: 14" (35%)

So I gained a full pound in two weeks time!! The doctor was very impressed with my progress.. I've been eating like a champ & getting plumper by the day!

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