Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Fun!

Sunday was Father's Day & I was all about loving the wonderful man in my life! How lucky am I to have such a fun, hands-on Daddy?!

We also spent the day with my goofy cousins & the other fathers in my life; Grandpa & Uncle Mike!

Did I mention that my cousins were goofy?

After dinner we went in my little pool to cool off from the hot summer heat.

Then we enjoyed some of Auntie Mel's birthday cake that mommy made from scratch.

After the dads opened their presents Mikayla had some fun with one of the boxes! She tucked herself right inside...

And popped out of the box!

I was so impressed by her trick that I wanted a try next... Unfortunately my head is quite large & wouldn't fit into the box!

This made me very upset! But besides that, we had a wonderful day celebrating the daddys in my life! Hop over to Mommy's blog to check out the food we enjoyed!

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