Monday, January 11, 2010

New Version of Me!

Since our camera is on the fritz & currently shipped off for repair, I thought I'd just update everyone & let you know what I'm up to & into these days (this picture above is from New Year's Eve). Here is what the 15-month old version of me looks like:

1) My favorite saying is now, "uh-oh." I mainly use it appropriately, like when I drop something (or even when I fart!), but sometimes I say it even when I do something on purpose; such as chucking a toy across the room or slamming my toy golf club into the dog dish, spraying water everywhere.

2) I love using sign language & seem to be picking up a new word every week or so. My vocabulary includes: More, drink, sleep, milk & bath. I use bath & more the most.

3) I still love watching my Baby Einstein videos & usually watch one in the evening as I'm getting dressed in my pjs.

4) I still sleep 12 hours each night; usually 7:30-7:30.

5) I have 12 baby teeth & four more (my canines/cuspids) are coming through now. That means that I'm done with getting my teeth except for my second molars. Check this chart to see what I'm talking about.

6) Nothing pleases me more than doing something my mom told me not to do. I usually laugh like a demon & do it that much more.

7) Sharing my food with the pets is awesome; Demps just got a quarter of my turkey sandwich this weekend & Casper vomited all over my parent's bedroom because of all the cheese I slipped him.

8) I love books, especially ones with flaps I can look under, touch/feel or books that make sounds. Typically, I bring a book to my mom or dad, turn around, plop in their lap & listen as they read. And by listen, I mean, turn the page while they're in the midst of a sentence.

That about sums up what I'm into these days! We'll see what next month brings!

"What's that, Mom? You don't want me to climb the stairs? Aw yeah! Can't wait to climb & watch that sucker run after me!!"

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